Dreadful 2016

Princess Leia AKA Carrie Fisher died today at the age of 60. Earlier this year the world lost Prince, David Bowie, Muhammad Ali, Alan Rickman, Alan Thicke, Gene wilder, Florence Henderson, Nancy Reagan, and George Michael. In addition to those celebrities I personally lost a beloved aunt. They all had something common in that they were all people who lived happy fulfilling lives doing what they loved to do. They all left this earth having made the most of their time with us. 

My question for you is this, why is 2016 such a bad year? Judging from the posts on social media you might think that the earth was splitting in half and we are all staring at our imminent doom. Perhaps you should take a moment to put 2016 in perspective. 

We have lost so many beloved celebrities because we’ve lived long enough for more people to become celebrities. We’ve lived long enough to see the idols of our youth age to the point where it becomes time for many of them to leave us. Their passing does not make 2016 a bad year, it’s our attitude about life events that make a year good or bad.

Has 2016 really been that bad? Let’s find out?

Is a member of your family buried under rubble in Aleppo after a bomb was dropped?

Is your daughter, niece, mother, sister, or wife a sex slave held captive by ISIS or Boko Haram?

Do you have access to food?

Do you have shelter?

Do you have access to water, electricity, and gas?

Do you have access to healthcare?

Do you live in a country where the military defends you, or occupies you?

Do you live in a country that allows you to vote for your leaders?

Are you free to speak? 

Are you free to protest?

Do you have enough free time to pursue your passions?

Do you live in a country where government employees put out fires, or start them?

Is day to day survival your biggest challenge?, or is it deciding where you want to go eat tonight?

Depending upon how you answer these questions determines if 2016 has been a bad year. Sure, it’s sad to see our idols, our heroes succumb to mortality, but in doing so they they put us in touch with our own mortality. 2016, good or bad is a part of your life. Only you can decide to approach it positively or negatively. We all will die eventually, so today is a good day to start living the best life possible. Don’t wait until it’s too late.


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