Something to ponder: Will any of you threaten to leave America if Merrick Garland is appointed to the Supreme Court? Did any of you say you would run away to Canada when John Roberts was appointed as Chief Justice to the Supreme court? What about when Carly Fiorina was running for the Senate…..Did you say you would leave the country? I haven’t heard anybody say that they’re moving to Mexico if Kamala Harris wins her senate race. Nobody is threatening to exile themselves to Venezuela if Alan Lowenthal retains his seat in the House of representatives. so why is it that whenever a candidate has a legitimate chance of becoming president, throngs of people say they can’t stand the thought of that person being president so they say they will leave the country?
Our government was designed so that the supreme court justices, the President, and the members of congress would share equal power within our government so that no branch of government would gain too much power (the checks and balances that they taught you in Jr high school civics). The reality is that we the people have allowed the president(s) too much power. The person who assumes the position of President is quickly becoming an American dictator. The president issues executive orders that go largely unchallenged by the legislature, and are not reviewed by the Supreme Court. The president can create executive departments like the FDA, TSA, CDC, which churn out massive amounts of regulations that restrict your freedom without the consent of your vote, or any form of challenge from the other 2 branches of government. We are giving too much power over our lives to 1 person.
If the thought of another Clinton, or a Trump presidency scares you enough to leave the country, then blame yourself. You let this happen, you gave dictatorial powers to the office of the president in violation of the constitution. You let it happen, so you must do all you can to restore the federal government as it was so painstakingly designed. If you do leave the country because one of these doomsday morons becomes president, please promise to never return because I will stay behind to correct the mess. I really don’t want you to come back and screw it all up again.


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