Purple Tears.

It has been about 24 hours since the passing of Prince, or the artist formerly known as Prince. Many on my Facebook feed are recognizing his passing in various ways. There are an abundance of Prince lyrics, and landmarks lit in purple lights. It’s sadly predictable however that within a day or two,  somebody will post their outrage that there is so much outpouring of love for Prince, but not for somebody they feel is more deserving of recognition. Somewhere today a police officer will be shot, a firefighter will be burned, a soldier will die, and a child will lose their battle against cancer. Their passing will receive very little notice. That’s because we live in a big world with billions of people, some live their lives in the spotlight, while others exist in the shadow of anonymity. Don’t be angry that millions of people mourn the passing of a celebrity, and ignore the death of a child. The celebrity touched millions of lives, while the child or police officer touched only a handful. What truly matters is that somebody cared, The depth of their caring matters. The number of people who care does not matter because life and death are not a competition. Let the fans of Prince or any celebrity mourn their passing without guilt, for they did not know the child, the soldier, the firefighter, or the police officer. If you knew them, you can mourn them as you see fit. In the mean time go ahead and blast purple rain on your stereo, take a moment to remember him and the way his music was part of your life, there’s no need to feel guilty about it.


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