Today is a solemn day of remembrance, a day when thousands of innocent lives were lost to hatred. In the following years the actions of those terrorist lead to hundreds of thousands of deaths. so today of all days, why are my thoughts turned to the upcoming rugby world cup?
As a species, Humans are by their nature very aggressive and competitive. These are traits that have been necessary for the survival of the species, as we evolved from early primates. As we began to succeed as a species we set about in groups searching for food and shelter. As the millennia passed these groups grew farther and farther apart both in distance, and culture. We established societies, and cultures that became increasingly distinct from one another. We became families, then tribes, then nations, and races. Eventually these nations came into contact with each other, the differences were shocking, the customs were frightening, and the inability to communicate lead to hostility. Being by nature aggressive and competitive these nations of different humans sought to prove their superiority through the easiest means possible, conflict. As a result there was a winner and a loser. The losers suffered, the winners rejoiced and decided that conflict was the best course of action. The losers sought revenge, and resorted to more conflict. War became the highest expression of human endeavor, but win or lose war took a tremendous toll on our tribes and nations. We improved our techniques for destroying each other, therefore the rewards of winning in war were greatly diminished. A new way had to be found to settle differences before we exterminated ourselves. The answer was Sport, and peaceful competition. Nations, tribes, families could compete against each other without loss of life and a growing sense of hostility. Competition could range from Kids running around the street, to high school water polo, college basketball, the NFL, and the Olympic games. the level of competition did not matter, what is important is that you could compete for the love of sport.
Today is 9/11 a day in which we mourn, and we once again reaffirm our hatred for people who have wronged us. There will be more bombs, more bodies, more refugees, and there will be more seeds of hatred planted for future generations to harvest. If we do not address our religious, cultural, and political differences in a peaceful manner the only thing that will change is the efficiency of our killing machines. As human beings we will always have our differences, but what must change is the way we choose to settle our differences. Each nation will have leaders that demand the reverence of those they rule. We should all recognize that any person seeking to rule over others is a psychopath that should be kept on a short leash. We as humans should learn to value each other through cultural, artistic, educational, and humanitarian exchange. when we want to feel superior to another nation we should send our soccer team, or basketball team to do our bidding.
The rugby world cup is starting in a few days. The American team has never made it to the elimination rounds of the world cup. This year might be our chance to make it to the quarterfinals. The truth is that the American team is not yet good enough to win the world cup.We will eventually be defeated by one of the powerhouse teams of rugby, but that’s ok because when the game is over the players will shake hands and walk to their dressing rooms. Nobody will die in this tournament because their nation lost. When it’s all over one nation will have bragging rights for 4 years and then we can do it all over again. I will cheer for the American team to defeat other nations because that’s how life should be. Cheer for fair competition, and applaud our opponents whether we win or lose. Nobody has to die in rugby.


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