Burn the flag! Burn it!!

People are demanding that the Confederate battle flag be removed from all state government offices. They are demanding that statues of Confederate Generals be removed. They are burning the Confederate battle flag in front of news cameras. Stores are refusing to sell the Confederate flag. The reason for this is that to many the Confederate battle flag represents an oppressive government that held hundreds of thousands of people in slavery. If kept in that context, then burning the flags seems like a no-brainer.
On the other side of the world the Taliban are destroying religious, and historical symbols. ISIS is threatening to destroy Roman ruins, that are considered a priceless treasure of human history. Rome was an oppressive empire that enslaved millions. Unfortunately the standard has been met so I guess we should burn down those ruins. When ISIS has done that work for us, then we will have to burn the ISIS flags because they are an oppressive caliphate that has enslaved thousands, and killed thousands more. When we return home from dealing with ISIS, and the Taliban, that’s when the real party will start. The night-time sky will glow red with burning American flags. Yep, we need to burn those too in order to make amends for all the ethnic Japanese that were enslaved by our nation. Don’t rest yet, because there is still time to burn the California flag. California oppressed the Spanish/Mexican residents when we took over as a territory. Then we will have to burn the Spanish, and Mexican flags because they oppressed the Chumash, Luiseno, and other native tribes . They will be forced to burn down their casinos and reservations because they oppressed each other, and the  Buffalo, and deer.

Apparently it’s a dirty business trying to eradicate history.

In the meantime I’m going to invest heavily in matches, lighter fluid, and politically correct history books.


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