The worst ideas are usually conceived by drunks in bars.

In 1775 a group of rebellious gentlemen had decided to form a country. For decades they had  been a part of Great Britain. Unfortunately the king of England was treating them in a decidedly less than cordial manner. One injustice led to another, until those gentlemen got tired of that demented bed wetter in London. They would be British no more, they would fight the king for the right to decide their own fate.

These ambitious Yanks knew they wouldn’t be allowed out of the British empire without a fight. Knowing that that inbred pants crapper King George would send his army of red coats to sort things out, the Yanks needed a military to fight. The call went out, everybody with a blue coat and their own rifle that was willing to fight for minimum wage or less became a soldier. Thus the US Army was born. Anybody who couldn’t shoot or lay claim to a complete pair of pants was made into a sailor. Being isolated on ships for long periods without intelligent conversation, and an over abundance of bad rum caused the sailors to develop their own language, and bizarre dress code of bell bottom pants. This clan of proud weirdos became the US Navy. They we’re destined to become the masters of the worlds oceans if only they could shoot (they couldn’t) and speak plain English to communicate with the Army (they couldn’t). America needed something like a navy that could shoot, and army that could swim. A warrior that could kill on land and sea was needed.

The call went out for this warrior, what responded was truly horrifying. A horde of under evolved knuckle dragging heathens gathered. They were promised free rifles, bayonets, bad food, low pay, haircuts, and a rum ration. They were called morons but they preferred the ancient Latin term Marines.

these Marines did what they were trained to do. They fought, caused mayhem, broke things, and started fires. The landing party that got out of control, became the most successful fighting force in the world. The Marines became the masters of every conflict from cafeteria food fights, to world wars. They became artisans of battle, and warrior gods. The Marines have spread the gospel of kicking ass for 239 years.

The Marine Corps is the the fantastic result of the greatest bad idea ever conceived by drunks in a bar. That bad idea was born on this day November 10, 239 years ago in Tun Tavern, Philadelphia Pa.

If you meet a Marine today wish them a happy birthday, and buy the first round of beer.

P.S. If you think Marines are a tough breed, you should meet their wives, and mothers.




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