Journalism today

Whatever happened to journalism? there was a time when journalists dug into a story like badger rooting out a meal from the dirt. It was the tenacity of journalists in pursuit of the truth that lead to the downfall of president Nixon following the Watergate events. If Watergate happened today the story would be chased only as far as a basic internet search would allow. In todays media the only true journalists are sports reporters, they are the only reporters who won’t quit until they get what they believe is the truth. I’ve taken some creative license to show the difference between a sports reporter, and a political reporter at a press conference to ask questions about spying. The comparison goes something like this:

First the sports reporter.
Reporter: Coach Belichick, is there any truth to the reports that you secretly videotaped the Rams walk through before the Superbowl?
Bill Belichick: No
Reporter: The former video tech of the Patriots has stated that he personally video taped the Rams before the Superbowl and that he also video taped the coaches play signals of the NY Jets. Were you aware of this video taping of opposing teams?
Bill Belichick: unintelligible mumble
Reporter: This same video tech has stated that he taped opposing teams on your orders and that you were aware that doing so was against league rules. Is that true?
Bill Belichick: No…….unintelligable mumble.
Reporter: Is it true that those video tapes are now in the possession of NFL investigators?
Bill Belichick: Mumble…Goodell….mumble…bastard.
Reporter: Coach Belichick, are you a cheater?
Bill Belichick: Mumble…no

Now compare the same line of questions as they would be asked by a White House reporter.

Reporter: Mr. President, is it true that the NSA has engaged in a massive spying operation against the American people, and that it did so with your knowledge and permission?
President Obama: No
Reporter: Um ok. Is it true that they will be serving cream puffs at this years Washington press corps dinner like they did last year? they were delicious, I really hope they serve them again.
President Obama: I can neither confirm or deny those cream puffs.
Reporter: Thank you Mr. President
President Obama: Hope and change! goodnight.


One response to “Journalism today

  1. I agree completely, and even in the realm of Sports Journalism it is easy to see the same line. There are 2 types of Journalists in this world. Type A are those who break the stories. These are the real reporters. Well connected and asking the tough questions. Then there are Type B who react to others broken news. Just the other day ESPN’s own Bill Simmons started circulating a rumor that the Lakers were holding off on choosing a coach to see if Doc Rivers was going to be available. This of course had no sources or merit but the personal theory gained traction and even got national air time. Pathetic if you ask me. Fortunately the 24 hour news cycle sees these things come and go on a whim.

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