A plea for sanity

I’m 46 years old, in my lifetime American service men and women have been killed or wounded in the following countries: Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Grenada, Panama, Libya, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bosnia, Kosovo, South Korea, the Persian Gulf, and Yemen. This list does not include deaths by special operations, black ops, and military training accidents in dozens of other countries.
Now people are demanding that our military intervene in the Ukraine. I would like to suggest that we let other nations handle this problem. Let the precious youth of their militaries bleed in a needless conflict. Perhaps when they finally have some skin in the game they will consider engaging in real diplomacy. If that doesn’t work let other nations engage in economic sanctions against aggressor nations, and not trade with aggressor nations behind our backs. It is long past due for the other 1st world countries to play a role in securing world peace, even if it means committing their forces into harms way.
Give our 18-year-old boys and girls a chance to go to proms instead of far away lands to die in vain. It’s time for the politicians of other nations to get their hands dirty in this affair. Our military has been fighting for decades, it’s time to bring them home. Let the department of defense concentrate on defense, not nation building, not occupation, not on creating generations of new and lasting enemies.
The average human body contains 5 liters of blood. Multiply that by the tens of thousands of American military deaths in the last 50 years. What you have is an ocean of blood deep enough for your cries of war, patriotism, and foolish pride to drown in. How much more blood must you let be spilled before you say enough is enough? Stop this never-ending insanity, stop it now!

Thad Hogan




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