Recently some friends of mine welcomed their first child into the world. They named their daughter Nova Rose. I think that’s a beautiful and unique name, so I was inspired to write something personalized for her. Yes I am aware that I took some liberties with some astronomical principles, but I’m not going to lose any sleep over it.


Everything,……. Absolutely everything in the universe is made of stardust. Everything you have ever seen, heard, smelled, or touched. Every person you have ever known was once part of a star. The gleam in their eyes, or the curls in their hair, even the dimples when they smile. All those things that are special and unique, in the distant past swirled together in a stellar cloud to create a star, and were again cast out into space when the star exploded. Without the stars there would be no you, no me, no father, mother, or daughter.

Everything that we cherish was born from the last great breath of a dying star. From destruction comes creation. In the final moments of super giant stars, elements fusing inside of the star erupted outward and were scattered to all corners of space in an unimaginably large explosion, a supernova. For millions and sometimes billions of years the stardust from that supernova drifts through space searching for a home, searching for a purpose. Shepherded by forces not fully understood, the stardust then gathered to form new stars, comets, asteroids, and Planets. Billions of years ago the remnants of a supernova settled in one distant corner of the universe. Swirling together the gas and dust created a new star and around it 8 planets. They all interacted in a manner so perfect that the formation of life was possible on one very unique planet. The third planet from that star.

So it is here that the astronomically slim odds came together to form a stellar incubator for life. A planet not too close, and not too far from its star so that miracles could happen. An Eden in space colored sapphire blue by oceans, and Emerald green by rain forests. The Earth is a special place where two people can look up at the heavens and see stardust heated by another star to create a spectacle called a Nova, and look down to the ground where stardust fell and created a Rose.

Enjoy your little bundle of stardust!


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