I was thinking about some of the unique things that have been said by the people in my life, so I decided to compile a list. Please excuse the language, but it was necessary to include it for accuracy. Here they are in no particular order.



“Holy shit somebody ran over a land mine, Crap it was us, we ran over a land mine!!!” Me 1991


“I wonder what a rain drop feels like at 200 miles per hour”


“Of course I don’t want any Rumpleminz, that shit caused me to get married”


“ If I ever have a son, I want to name him Penelope Magnus Green” Bill Green 2000


“I didn’t call you an asshole…….Asshole!” Stephanie Hatten


“It only hurts till you pass out”


“You don’t understand, if you don’t let me drive I will pass out”


“I want to start an all caucasian African interpretive dance team” Me


“What religion do you want on your dog tags? – Can I have Pagan as my religion? – no – Ok then, I’ll go with southern baptist”


“If you were a drunk German engineer, where would you go to pass out?”


“Don’t gore me bro” seen on a t-shirt before a Pamplona bull run


“Why do they call me Stickman?, because I’m so damn skinny” Dave Terpin


“I love stoner chicks” Bill Green


“I’d really like to thank my parents for knocking it out in 1967!” Rick Aruiza


“Hey Sergeant Hogan, is this a land mine? – I have no idea, throw it away!”


“Have you ever experienced a hand grenade explosion up close?……No, you will now”


“Holy shit, we get free beer after rugby games!”


“Let’s go hang out in the Chaplains tent” Cpl C. Turner (atheist)


“The bad news is that peace is breaking out all over the place”


“You’re stupid, go stand out in the sun!!!” Marine Corps drill instructor


“Get some of that sticky pull apart with the goo on it” Marge Hogan


“Yep, I remember when Sue would show up with a couple of steaks and a six pack of Coors, that all ended when we got married” Jim Hogan











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