There’s an app for that, but why?

Photography is one of my passions so some time ago I purchased a photographic scanner to scan all of my family photos. The basic idea was to put all my photos on a hard drive and then make a few copies of that drive. In the event of a fire my families photos would not be lost forever. I compared a few scanners and settled on the one I have now due to a number of factors. One of the most important factors was this particular scanner came with software that would help correct errors and create a usable image from damaged photos.This software could detect scratches on the photos and magically make them disappear. Old faded photos with scratches and tears were made to look new and vibrant again.

Somewhere in a dark room some tech savvy nerd ninja put a great deal of time into creating that software package which could restore photos and occasionally a fond memory. Meanwhile some other nerd ninjas were hard at work creating advances in camera technology so amazing that a photographer can shoot a high quality photo of a mouse 300 yards away. That photo could  then be printed at home on a 36″ x  64″ poster using high quality photo paper and high-resolution ink. Cameras such are being used in amazing ways. A camera such as this has been used to take stunning photos of the Earth from onboard the international space station. These remarkable photos have shown us how beautiful our planet really is, and why we should strive to protect it.

From a technological perspective we are on the cusp of some truly amazing cameras, support software , and it would seem as though the race is on to create even better camera equipment. However reality has something entirely different in mind, a complete technological u-turn has happened. As I look at the photos my friends post on the internet the fashionable thing to do now is to take a perfectly good photo and beat the crap out of it on Instagram. Clear photos are so uncool, they need scratches, fading, and shading. This would be the equivalent of taking a new Ferrari to the shop and asking the mechanic to scratch the paint, dent the fenders, remove the engine and replace it with a pair of donkeys. What perplexes me is that a demented nerd ninja created this anti-tech technology. Wouldn’t it be easier to just scuff the camera lens with sand paper?

Oh well, I’m just not cool enough to understand that, and proudly so.



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