A definitive list of every food that tastes like chicken


Cup-o-noodles (any flavor).


Spotted owl.

Sugar free chocolate.


Los Angeles tap water.

Everything at Panda Express.

Nothing at KFC.

Fried plantains.

Goose boogers (a delicacy in France.)

Chicken of the sea.

In n out french fries.

Baby fur seals.

Overcooked shrimp.

Overcooked calamari.

Mexican candy.

Saudi Arabian whiskey.

Jewish pork products.

All British food.

All Irish food.

Olive Garden meatballs.

Olive Garden breadsticks.

Ikea horse stew.

Burger king whoppers in Korea.

Grasshoppers (ask any motorcyclist).

Some Belgian beers.

All Scottish beers taste like burned chicken.

Absolutely every damn thing in the Philippines.

Purina beef flavored nuggets.

The Higgs- Boson particle.

The shamrock shake at McDonalds.

7-11 sushi.

Vegetarian meatballs.

NyQuil when it goes bad.

Prime rib at a Vegas buffet.

The club sandwich I bought at a liquor store today.

Slim Jims.

Any breakfast item at Burger King.

Any fruit in a military MRE.

Farm raised catfish.

Farm raised salmon.

Tofu (tastes like a chickens ass).

All Indian cuisine.

Any beef item at Taco Bell.

Chai tea.

The chicken that wasn’t able to cross the road fast enough.

The chicken that came before the egg.

Apple pie at McDonalds.

Absolutely anything that you have ever wondered what it tastes like.









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