Why is it necessary for the supreme court to rule on a law prohibiting gay marriage? What will result from that ruling?
Lets go back many years when marriage was legally defined in this country by popular vote, legislative action, and court rulings. Apparently some people had the audacity to live their lives as they saw fit to do. Some people wanted to marry people of different races, ages, social classes. Some people chose to marry more than one wife or husband, and some chose to marry people of the same gender. The problem with that, is that it really bugged some people that these free thinkers were doing just that, thinking and acting freely. Well that just couldn’t be tolerated so laws were passed to codify into law what a marriage should be, and by getting the government to back them up they made the personal lives of consenting adults a crime in many cases.
So here we are decades later trying to rectify the situation by asking the government to make legal that which should never have been illegal in the first place. It seems like a no brainier to me as I support equality, human and civil rights. I therefore support the right of homosexuals to marry or not as they please. The dilemma here is that the majority of Californians voted for a law that I disagree with. If the Supreme Court overturns prop 8 as I hope they will, that opens the door for the government to overturn any number of laws that the citizens of this state lawfully voted on, which I do support.
The point I am trying to make is that if you let people live their lives free from your interference then perhaps they will do the same for you. Unfortunately we have employed an ever enlarging monster known as the government to interfere with every aspect of our lives. We have created a bureaucratic nightmare that that’s seeks to interfere with every aspect of our life, and when we oppose that interference we must turn to that very same entity to create even more laws in an attempt to end the earlier transgressions. By asking the government to pass laws to curb the government, we give it more and more authority to increase its size and scope of authority. By our actions we have created the drain which we are now circling. When we all go down the drain, how long will you be able to hold your breath?


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